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Friday, 12-Jun-2009 15:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Aktiviti menyibukkan diri...

Ingat lagi projek ni..? well, sekarang baru menjadi rupa bende nyaa.....
sesapa ada anak pompuan, teringin nk pakai pin semat ni, bgtau - nanti I'll make you one..!

Saturday, 23-May-2009 08:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Thanks Iza Karmila

Finally, I got what I wanted for sooo long.. my Turkish plates.. and all of that is possible because of my new-found friend, Iza Karmila (http://izakarmila.blogspot.com). Cantik pinggan-pinggan tu, all three of them!! Now - proudly decorating my wall!! Nasib baik juga la ada orang sudi belikan.... kalau tidak, memang rabak le beli 3 biji tu kat sini!! Thanks Iza n Encik Suami nyaa..... !!

Monday, 11-May-2009 07:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Pekan Sari, anyone??

Kalau balik kampung, this would be one of my main agenda - Pekan Sari Kuala Besut. Why? Because nearly EVERYTHING under the sun would be there - at a fraction of the price!! Tak pe-ca-ye? Beg Coach (no need to ask the authentication laa..) normally in KL would be around RM45 - RM50, depending on your bargaining skill - but in PSKB harganya cuma RM15!! Same goes with the price of my latest collection item - beg Billabong! I've even bought a very nice pair of sandal for RM12 only! Semua ada... All types of blouse, shirts, tudung sulam berbagai, skirt - anything a girl would love!

Nak makan apa? Cakap je. Semua ada.. dan sungguh menarik sekali. Soooo appealing! Biasanya pulut kelapa yang akan ku cari I usually replenish my stock of bilis, ikan kering, udang kering here. No need to go to Sabah one!

RM50 sudah cukup untuk sepasang kasut, sebuah handbag, sehelai blouse ringkas, sedikit makanan dan sehelai tudung Ikin But - not all traders are selling at the same price. Kena tahu mana yang jual paling murah, baru dapat 'Value for your last drop of cents". It's a maze in there. Only my mom and 3rd sister know the way very well. Which turn to take. As for me and Che Su - the two of us are like "the deaf leading the blind" . Tapi, puas pusing jumpa juga kedai murah-murah tu semua!

Can't wait fot the next trip balik kampung untuk menambah my designer collection items!

Sunday, 10-May-2009 14:50 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Once upon a time in the market....

Last Saturday all of us went for a "Ronda-ronda KL"... and we went to Central Market.

Those days, this is the place yang menjadi titik pertemuan masa dating with Along and outing with the girls (tagline: "sapa lambat - tunggu"). This is a very sentimental place for me. CM 8 years ago was very different dengan CM hari ini.

The shoplots are upgraded, more shops at the back, and there's a fish spa there. Murah, RM5 utk 10 min... Along, Haikal n me tried (rasa macam orang geletek kaki!!).... the restaurants are cleaner and "classier", the "Uncle bookshop" at the back are still the same, with all the kedai cenderahati "tulis terus" on the keychain, piring, mosaic, etc are still there...
Our favourite restaurant "Ginger" is also still there - cuma to eat there in 5s, are not as economic as eating in twos...

All in all - we really enjoyed browsing the shops there and even though Sofea baru 15 minit jalan dah "mintak nasi", so I have my own agenda with the girls while Along went ahead with his "Art For Grabs" agenda with Haikal... and we met up at White Coffee restaurant later on.

Next in "Ronda-ronda KL" trip: Petaling Street! Hahahaa RINDUnyaaaaaaaaaaaa dengan bau buah berangan!!

Sunday, 10-May-2009 14:38 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Biarlah menjadi rahsia

This is my latest project - hahaha....
And it's not going anywhere yet since i received the package 5 days ago! So - tunggguuuu....

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